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The International LT Series

The most driver-centric, fuel-efficient, uptime-focused truck ever delivered.

From the very beginning, priority #1 for the LT Series was to design a truck that drivers would really want to drive. To achieve this goal, International turned to the people who know driving best - real truck drivers. These professionals gave honest, priceless input over numerous research sessions and driver clinics. Then they set about redesigning, fine-tuning and retesting until drivers agreed, this is the truck I've always wanted to drive.

That's how the LT Series became the most driver-centric truck on the road today. With more intuitive controls, enhanced visibility, a quieter cab, critical information at your fingertips and dozens of other smart features that help keep a driver comfortable and in control over the long haul.

International also utilizes premium soft touch vinyl interior panels throughout the vehicle, which minimizes the need for hard to clean, odor and moisture trapping woven panels.

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Every consideration in the LT Series design came from the driver's perspective. Only then could we engineer and build a truck that would keep a driver more comfortable and productive for the road ahead.


On the road means promises kept and profits secured. So every component and system in the LT™ Series has been methodically designed, engineered, tested and retested to maximize uptime.


Through extensive testing - including wind tunnel testing of scale models, full-size prototypes and coast-down testing - the LT Series delivers a 3 percent improvement in fuel economy from aerodynamics alone.

An LT™ Series For Every Application

The Right Power. The Best Performance.


515 Horsepower and 1,850 LB-FT of Torque

Through exhaustive simulation work, a new cylinder and piston head design with maximum cooling properties was created. This new double overhead cam design directly equates to less fuel being consumed. But that’s not all. Thanks to the new Dual Stage Aftertreatment system, the heavy (40-50 lbs), expensive ($2,500 approx.) and finicky EGR cooler is no longer needed to reduce emissions. Its absence not only contributes to the S13 being the lightest 13-liter diesel engine available in North America, but it also means 100% of the exhaust flow goes through the new simple, more reliable fixed-vane turbo charger for maximum performance and efficiency.


4 Cycle Inline-6 14.9L

Legendary Cummins reliability is available in new X15 Performance Series and X15 Efficiency Series configurations. The X15 Efficiency Series produces up to 500 HP with advanced fuel- saving technology that includes dynamic electronic controls with ADEPT features, enhanced engine breathing and an optimized combustion process that leverages Cummins' proprietary VGT™ Turbo and XPI fuel system. Learn more about the Cummins X15

Introducing the New International LT Series