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Purpose-built to outwork and outlast even the most punishing of job sites.

Introducing the International® HX Series. Four tough new models, each engineered to outwork and outlast, hour after demanding hour. The HX Series is designed to endure the most punishing of jobsites, and to look great while doing it. Not to mention providing its driver a spacious, comfortable environment for work, day in and day out. Built to sustain whatever comes its way, and extensively tested to move you to the head of the class.

INTERNATIONAL HX Series Specifications


Set-forward Front Axle Truck


Set-forward Front Axle Truck or Tractor


Set-back Front Axle Truck or Tractor
HX Series Typical Usage Heavy Haul Tractor Construction Dump Logging Recovery Heavy Haul Tractor Construction Dump Platform Stake/Crane
Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW) 52,000 - 92,000 lbs. 52,000 - 92,000 lbs.
Bumper to Back of Cab (BBC) 120" 119"
Axle Configuration 6X4, 8X6 6X4, 8X6
Engine Type Cummins X15L International S13
Brochures Download the HX520 spec card Download the HX620 spec card


515 Horsepower and 1,850 LB-FT of Torque

Through exhaustive simulation work, a new cylinder and piston head design with maximum cooling properties was created. This new double overhead cam design directly equates to less fuel being consumed. But that’s not all. Thanks to the new Dual Stage Aftertreatment system, the heavy (40-50 lbs), expensive ($2,500 approx.) and finicky EGR cooler is no longer needed to reduce emissions. Its absence not only contributes to the S13 being the lightest 13-liter diesel engine available in North America, but it also means 100% of the exhaust flow goes through the new simple, more reliable fixed-vane turbo charger for maximum performance and efficiency.


4 Cycle Inline-6 14.9L

Legendary Cummins reliability is available in new X15 Performance Series and X15 Efficiency Series configurations. The X15 Efficiency Series produces up to 500 HP with advanced fuel- saving technology that includes dynamic electronic controls with ADEPT features, enhanced engine breathing and an optimized combustion process that leverages Cummins' proprietary VGT™ Turbo and XPI fuel system.

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The industry's only dedicated severe service aluminum cab offers riveted and bonded lap seams for increased strength and easier repair.

Sloped 3-Piece Metton hood designed to be stronger than fiberglass and resistant to cracking over the life of the truck.

Available dual external air cleaners deliver heavy duty filtration, easy maintenance and long service life.

Bold, aggressive styling with all metal grille with bright surround and bright bars provide a unique, rugged look.

New DriverFirst cab suspension produces a supremely comfortable and quiet ride

A 40 degree wheel cut with 425 tires, dual steering gears and advanced ABS systems allow for sharp turns, traction and movement control.

Available 150,000lb capacity center tow pin for extreme recovery scenarios.

Huck-bolted frame and cross members on chassis minimize movement and wear.

Industry-leading lightweight 12.5 x 0.5 single rail option offers 3.5 million RBM rating.

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